Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Waiting to speak
Me and Ivan
This past Saturday was the official birth-day party for my new book, The Dogs of  Winter! As with A Dog's Way Home, the launch party was hosted by The King's English Bookshop, the best little indie bookstore in the West. Even though it was a gorgeous fall day and a holiday weekend (Columbus Day, or as I like to call it Rape And Pillage the Local Peoples Day), friends turned out to help me celebrate the release of a book that was a long time in coming.

I talked for about a half hour about the "story behind the story" of The Dogs of Winter. And I also told the crowd about my personal journey with Ivan Mishukov's story. I saw a few people in the audience wiping at their eyes. Of course, it could have been allergies...
Signing my heart out

Then came the signing and cake! The King's English always does an amazing job with the cakes. They're not only beautiful but entirely delicious. This one had a scrumptious blueberry filling. Of course, I was so busy signing books, I didn't get a piece until the end. But my husband assures me he ate an extra one for me.

A whole stack of special orders!
If you missed the party but would still like a signed copy of The Dogs of  Winter, you can order one from The King's English Bookshop. Just indicate in the message field that you'd like a signed copy. They'll get it off in the mail to you toot sweet!

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