Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poetry, Saturday

We are finally encased in winter. I'm looking forward to hunkering down after the holidays and revisions are done, and losing myself in writing a new book. In the deep mid-winter seems to be my best time to write.

In celebration, here is a poem and some photos from my outings this past week.

Nights Our House Comes to Life

by Matthew Brennan

Some nights in midwinter when the creek clogs
With ice and the spines of fir trees stiffen
Under a blank, frozen sky,
On these nights our house comes to life.
It happens when you're half asleep:
A sudden crack, a fractured dream, you bolting
Upright – but all you can hear is the clock
Your great-grandfather found in 1860
And smuggled here from Dublin for his future bride,
A being as unknown to him then as she is now
To you, a being as distant as the strangers
Who built this house, and died in this room
Some cold, still night, like tonight,
When all that was heard were the rhythmic clicks
Of a pendulum, and something, barely audible,
Moving on the dark landing of the attic stairs.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Trailer!

So here's the kick-ass book trailer Jennifer Wolf did for me for The Ring! I think she did an amazing job. It's posted on YouTube, FaceBook, Jacket Flap, and a variety of other places. I hope you like it!