Monday, August 22, 2011

MacDuff and His Girl

Sheltie people are just so cool! They love, love, love their dogs and to connect with other sheltie folks. Since my book, A Dog's Way Home, is about a sheltie named Tam, I get emails from sheltie fans who've read the book. Here's one I got this week from a fellow librarian and proud sheltie mom in South Carolina. She even sent me photos of her BFF, MacDuff. I just had to share!

Mrs. Pyron,
MacDuff & Dabney
My name is Dabney Carmichael and I live in Rock Hill, SC. I’m a librarian at York County Library and one of my kids that comes on the bookmobile suggested your book, A Dog’s Way Home, to me. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it, although some parts broke my heart because it hit so close to home for me. I live about 2 hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and my family has a vacation home in Boone, NC, right off of the Parkway. My 3 year old, MacDuff, loves it when we go for rides along it, I’d say it’s his favorite place to go when we’re in the mountains. He’s actually a sable and white male, and looks a lot like Tam. It’s funny how the people at the rest stop in your book thought Tam was a fox. That’s what people ask me all the time about MacDuff. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your book moved me and although MacDuff probably doesn’t know what to think over his mommy tearing up over a book, I really enjoyed it. My fiancĂ© likes MacDuff to ride in the bed of the truck whenever he rides in his car, but now I think I’ll have to object. I honestly don’t know what MacDuff or I would do if we ever lost each other, you know what I mean. They would probably have to put me away, haha. I saw on your website that you are a sheltie person, that’s awesome! Your dog is beautiful. What’s its name? MacDuff’s my only one at the moment but my mother has two, Sweetheart and Jacks. Sweetheart is 12 and Jacks is a year old. He’s MacDuff’s brother from a later litter. Anyway, thank you and have a great day!
Baby MacDuff
p.s. I attached a picture of my baby so you can see what he looks like ( yes, I’m a bragging parent J 

Big hugs to Dabney and MacDuff for sharing their

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