Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I Write for Kids

Sometimes it's easy to get all caught up in advances, reviews, royalty statements--the business end of being a writer. We forget why we love writing for kids in the first place.

And then you get an email like this one I got the other night:

Clara Whetstone reading my book
Hi Ms. Pyron,

I read A Dog's Way Home to my 8 year old daughter a few chapters at a time as a bedtime book.  We really enjoyed reading and experiencing it together.  We regularly read chapter books at bed time, and yours was one of the best ones we have read.  My daughter couldn't wait until it was my turn to put her to bed to find out what was happening with Abby and Tam (my wife and I take turns, and we each have our own books that we read with her).  My daughter, Mia, wanted to write to you as well.  The next paragraph is from her.

I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked Cheyenne.  I liked that at first she seemed mean, then it turned out she was really nice.  I like that at the ending she gave Abby a ride in her limo to get to Tam.  I also thought the baby coyote (the one that traveled with Tam) was cute.  I was sad when she got shot.  I want to recommend this book to a lot of people.  I recommended it to my assistant teacher and I told her that if she liked the book then she should tell my other teacher to read it.  It is probably so far the best book I have read in my entire life.  Have you memorized the book by heart?  Also, where did you get the idea of the book?  Are you going to write any more books about Abby and Tam and make a series?

Thank you for writing this book.

Again, we really enjoyed reading this and we wanted to you to know how we felt.  Looking forward to your next book!

All the best, 
Neal Grasso (a.k.a Dad)
Mia Grasso (a.k.a Mia)

Danvers, Massachusetts

No, thank you, Mia and Dad, for reminding me why I write.