Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Handicapped" NOT!

Animals inspire me every day with their kindness and curiosity and intelligence. I was cruising FaceBook this morning as I ate my bowl of grits and came upon a great YouTube clip of a blind dog named Myron playing fetch  www.youtube.com/watch?V=IP3tV9netQY

I thought about how many so-called "handicapped" dogs I know who have no idea their lives are supposed to be so much worse off because they're blind or deaf (or in Tommy's case, both!) or are missing a leg. They wouldn't know the first thing about self pity. They are too busy engaging in the world and living their lives.

Chloe after surgery
Susan and Chloe
Take for instance my friend Chloe and her person, Susan. Chloe was picked up running the streets of Sandy, Utah by animal control. She was terrified of people and in bad physical condition. Fortunately for Chloe, Sheltie Rescue of Utah www.sheltierescueut.org heard about this gorgeous sheltie's plight and took her into their program. A thorough examination revealed Chloe had a back leg that had been badly broken and never treated. Her only option was to amputate the leg. Not long after her surgery, I told my good and big-hearted friend, Susan, about Chloe. A cancer survivor, Chloe's story of survival resonated with Susan. When they met, it was love at first sight. Now, after several years together, Chloe and Susan are a certified therapy team, inspiring others with their stories and kindness.

And then there's Tommy. Tommy is a sheltie who was born blind and deaf because of irresponsible breeding. He also found refuge with Sheltie Rescue of Utah www.sheltierescueut.org. He loves to play with the other shelties in the household and has traveled all over the place. He even came to my book launch event at The King's English in March! He was quite a hit with everyone and thoroughly enjoyed the attention! Don't feel sorry for Tommy. He's happy and loving and full of curiosity and kindness. Oh, and did I mention he's also available for adoption? He'd make a great therapy dog, just like Chloe.
Beautiful Tommy!

So this is just one of so many ways animals inspire me. How do they inspire you?


  1. Very touching and inspiring post!

    Animals never cease to amaze me, many moons ago I rescued two abandoned white kittens that had been left for dead (there were four but two were already dead when found). Even though I already had two cats I couldn't turn my back on them. After many trips to the vet and many hours hand nursing them back to life Boog and Bunny became part of my furry family. When Boog, at the age of 15, was diagnosed with glaucoma I had to make the decision to pay an enormous monthly medicine bill (which would have been financially difficult), have the eye surgically removed at a one time financial cost or euthenize due to her age. Remembering how hard she struggled to survive the beginning of her life, and she still had her zest for life, I chose to have her eye removed. Boog lived a very happy and comfortable life after the surgery and sadly decided at the age of 17 it was time to pass on. She taught me to believe in the saying "where there's hope, there's life." After six months of grieving her sister, Bunny, is still purring to this day.

    RIP my faithful friend.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story about Boog and Bunny, T.K. (sniff, sniff)