Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks and Giving

Madison, Brian, Shay
There are so many, many blessings in my life--things I am forever thankful for. I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband and his children who have added a richness to my life I could never have imagined. I am so thankful for my dogs. They have inspired me in so many ways, and have gotten me through many a dark night of the soul. They have also brought people into my life who would otherwise not have crossed my path.

Kate Morgan & Dixie
Cynthia Lord & Milo
I am so very thankful to all the authors and their dogs over the past six months who have taken time out of their busy lives to visit my funny little blog and share their stories. Each and every spotlight has made me laugh, made me nod my head in understanding, and deepened my understanding of what dogs give to us. I hope, in return, answering The Five Fido and Friends questions has given these authors a moment to think of what their dogs mean to them.

Patty MacLachlan & BFFs
Ann Cannon & Zoe
I wish everyone--two footed and four footed--a peaceful holiday filled with thanks and giving.
Me and The Pack

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