Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Happy Reader (and author)

I just LOVE getting these photos and emails from fans of A Dog's Way Home! This one came to me from South Carolina by way of a fellow librarian in Salt Lake City. I just love the totally absorbed expression on Kellie's face, don't you? That's the way every author hopes their readers will look!

Kellie's mom says:

 "Kellie & I ran to the library to pick up holds. She ran in to get them for me & when she got back in the car she turned the radio down, pulled out Bobbie's book & started reading. After just a page or two she turned the radio off & read all the way home. She's hooked already. You know a book is good when a child is picking it up every spare
minute. Kellie reads until she goes to bed & then picks it back up as soon as she's finished getting ready for school. She says that you need to tell Ms. Bobbie that she needs to write a series about Tam. I haven't asked for any details of the story since I want to read it too!"

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