Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview by Cat!

Hello blog friends! I've been out of town for the last several days in The Den of Iniquity--otherwise known as Las Vegas! What, you may ask, was a nice, quiet librarian/children's author doing in Las Vegas? Actually, I found myself wondering the same thing! But I'd 1) never been there before and 2) was DESPERATE to get away from snow and cold and 3) was kidnapped by a friend. I will sum up by saying  one time in Vegas is enough for me. Still, it's an interesting place. I mean, where else but in Vegas will you see an Elvis impersonator taking a picture on a street corner of Micky and Minnie Mouse?!

Efie Loo and Tam
Efie is bowled over by my book!
But I was delighted to come home and find this great blog review and interview with me on T.K Millin's blog, The Unknown Author. She asked her cat, Efie Loo, to write the review and conduct the interview. Which I really appreciated as I DO share my life with two cats, and because Tam does have a certain fondness for cats in my book, A Dog's Way Home. Perhaps because the interview was done by a cat, there were some great questions! I mean, NO ONE (human) has asked me before where the name Tam comes from! It took the curiosity of a cat to get the answer. So you'll have to read the review and interview to find out the answer to that burning question AND to enter a chance to win a signed copy of my book! Just click on this link

Thanks again, TK and Efie Loo!