Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doggie Inspiration

Sometimes it seems like if you watch the news, there's not a whole lot of inspiration out there. At least in the two-footed form. Until today. I want to introduce you to Dare, a true two-pawed inspiration. I first came across Dare's story about a year and a half ago when I was cruising Sheltie Rescue websites.( Okay, some people cruise porn sites, I cruise dog sites. Sue me.) Anyway, I came across Dare on a Colorado Sheltie Rescue site. He'd recently been rescued from a area puppy mill. What made his story so memorable (and infuriating) was the poor little guy had had to have one front leg and one back leg amputated--and on the same side of his body! Seems that at this awful puppy mill (save this for another rant), he'd had his front leg mostly chewed off and badly broken his back leg. Of course, neither were ever attended to by the breeder. The only thing the rescue could do was amputate. His medical bills were extraordinary. I cursed the puppy mill, devised elaborate tortures for the breeder, wiped away the tears, and sent them a check to help with the vet bills. And then, quite frankly, I forgot about Dare.

Until this morning when I opened my daily Sheltie (photo/story) fix in my email from Sheltie Nation. Please, please take an extra minute or two to click on this link and meet Dare today. I promise you, you'll be moved and inspired!


  1. When I see success stories like this I get tears in my eyes. Bless this little doggie's heart and shame on those who feel like their life is falling apart when they get a cold.

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