Monday, August 29, 2011

More Sheltie Fans! Caldeen and Cameron

Cookie & Shiloh
This week I received a short but very sweet email from a woman named Caldeen who'd just read A Dog's Way Home. She and her husband have had numerous shelties in their lives, and one very comical boxer! Caldeen was kind enough to allow me to post her letter and send me photos of her shelties and boxer. One of the photos in particular struck a cord with me: she included a couple of photos of a gorgeous little red fox and her current sheltie, Shiloh. Some people have scoffed at the idea that someone could mistake a sheltie for a fox, but look at these photos and tell me what you think!

Max, their first Sheltie

thank you so much for the story of Tam  and Abby. I have not cried that hard reading a book for a long time. We have had 6 shelties in 25 years. We currently have a sheltie and a boxer. We love them so much.

Your book was wonderful!!!!

Silly Cookie!
Caldeen and Cameron Benedict

Lemhi & Elijah

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