Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Life With a Sheltie Means..." Winners!

"My turn! No, my turn!"
I had ten wonderful essays and even poems celebrating life with shelties! They were all heartwarming, funny, and passionate about this wonderful breed we share our lives with.

As I read through the essays and poems, I realized there was no way I could choose the three best--they were all "best"! So I figured the fair thing to do was draw three names out of a hat. And who better to do that than my dogs! But the three didn't quite get the concept of lining up and each choosing a name one at a time. I made an executive decision (being their Girl and all) and designated Teddy as the chooser of names. After all, Teddy, at just weeks from being 13, is Senior Dog.

Teddy chooses....
And now to announce the three winners! These three will each receive a signed copy of my book, A Dog's Way Home:

  • Cynthia Anderson 
  • Tina Towers
  • Julie Griffin
I'll be contacting you to get your mailing address so I can send you your book. I would also like to post everyone's essays and poems individually on my blog during the next few months. I will not post your full name or contact information. Please let me know if you prefer not to have your entry posted.

Many thanks to everyone for entering! I'll be making a donation to Sheltie Rescue of Utah for $60.00 in all of your and your shelties' honor.

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