Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Life With Shelties Means..." winner Tina Towers and her pack!

All dogs, but (in my humble opinion) particularly shelties, do so much to brighten our lives. They seem to not only understand our moods, but to know just what to do to make us feel better. Whether we've been gone for five minutes or five days, they make our home-coming all the sweeter. U.K native, Tina Towers, captured this perfectly in her winning poem, "Life with Shelties."

Tina's BFFs: Amy and Bella
Life with a Sheltie

Life with a Sheltie is a special time,
I thank God that I have mine.
They brighten up the saddest days,
with all their funny Sheltie ways.
The love we share is just the best,
having them with me I feel blessed.
I love to watch them run and play,
living together just makes my day.
If ever I am feeling low,
they show me how they love me so.
All they want is to be by your side,
having them in my life fills me with pride.
Shelties are so loyal and your best friend,
they will always help your heart to mend.
They are without a doubt the best-est breed,
just your love and kindness is all they need.
I just cannot wait to come back home,
because with my Sheltie friends I am not alone.
Their Sheltie grin and the way they run,
fills our lives with such great fun.
They can do tricks and love to give you their paw,
some will pick up your mail coming through the door.
They are so loyal and they love to please,
living with them is such great ease.
The best-est thing that I do know,
is how much I really love them so.
So if your life feels empty all you need to do,
is to get a Sheltie to share life with you.

Thanks so much to Tina for sharing her love of shelties! Tina and her two gorgeous girls, Amy and Bella, have received a signed copy of A Dog's Way Home. So happy to know Tam and Abby have found a home "across the pond."